It’s all about going the distance in this dystopian runner. Speed and precision alone won’t get you through but you have the ability to manipulate the main barrier in your way: time.

Dot.Stop.Run is an auto running game with a unique twist. Your character - the aforementioned Dot. - has escaped the system. Now on the run in an endless binary domain which hunts her down. You must aid her escape and discover the true power of what the system and Dot. holds.

You'll need quick reflexes if you hope to master the time stopping powers and overcome the obstacles in your way. Remember - the rules have changed.

  • Campaign
  • Endless mode
  • Score boards
  • Tablet support
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Stunning visuals
  • Original music score
  • And much more to be added in free updates!
  • OmNomCom are also proud to announce that Dot.Stop.Run will be getting free updates and support for many months to come.

    That’s right, free updates. We are talking cross-platform content updates to give back to you - the fans. These updates will include levels, music, fixes, gameplay mechanics and much more.

    This is why Dot.Stop.Run is a continued labor of love from OmNomCom.

    Buy DotStopRun for Desktop and Android directly from OmNomCom for only £0.99 (RRP £1.49)*

    Also available now on Google Play.

    Coming soon to iOS, OUYA and GameStick.

    Screenshots coming soon!

    What do I get by buying direct for you?

    Both the Android and Desktop (PC, Mac, Linux) game files together along with our thanks.

    Are there any in app purchases?

    Nope. None. All updates will be free.**

    Does the desktop version work on Mac/Linux?

    Yes. The desktop version runs on PC, Mac and Linux.

    When will Dot.Stop.Run release on iOS?

    The iOS release will be very soon.

    When will Dot.Stop.Run release on OUYA?

    The OUYA release will be within the next few weeks.

    Will you be a release title for GameStick?

    We are hoping to yes.

    I have the game files. Couldn't I just share them around?

    In short, yes. Really though we would ask you didn't. We can't stop you. So just make sure you enjoy the game, deal?

    How often will the content updates be?

    As often as we can make them. Idealy, something every week or two. No promises though.

    How long will you support Dot.Stop.Run?

    Months - at least.***

    How do I give feedback?

    If you like Dot.Stop.Run make sure to review it. If you want to email us your feedback, contact

    I'm press. Who do I contact?

    I'm not press.

    OmNomCom is a games studio, based in Manchester, the north of England started in 2011. Currently comprising of 1 full-time developer, and 3 contractors, OmNomCom’s goal is to bring players fun and innovative games. Taking great pride in their work they regular take part in game jams for prototyping new game ideas. We also love penguins

    * Buying direct from OmNomCom is done through PayPal. All standard consumer rights stand. You will be emailed a download link to the game files. Manual game updating required.

    ** We are currently looking into ensuring no in app purchases on the OUYA platform.

    *** Continued updates will be free of charge. At least 6 months of updates planned at this time.

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